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Volunteer at YWAM Lesvos

We are situated on a greek island in the Mediterranean sea. Just off the coast nearer to Turkey than mainland Greece, we are the most heavily trafficked island that refugees will pass through on their journey to get into Europe.

YWAM Lesvos is a pioneering community called to be a training base that provides a platform  to bridge and to send to the east to the west. 

Our greatest needs are for people (especially men) who are willing to serve refugees and train individuals to work long term in the Middle East.

Volunteer Profile

We are working to raise the standard on the way we would like to receive, train and serve. Our goal is to provide a platform for both teams and individuals to come, get further equipping and serve alongside us. 

As you come, you will soon realize that to leave a long lasting impact in cultures like the middle east means commitment and further equipping which we will work with staff whether long term or short term to equip you for this.


Volunteer Requirements

We have seen great impact that short term teams and individuals have accomplished with us when coming for a minimum of 1 month and max of 3 months. Just as important in how the short term can provide support for our long term team/ministries, we need individuals who have completed DTS willing to commit for 2 or more years. People who are willing to not only be transformed through further training but to commit to seeing the large scale impact in Lesvos and the Middle East that we know God has called us to have. We believe that 2 years is only the beginning to entering a culture so to see this, we desire staff to consider beyond a 2 year commitment. 

For teams we require to come on an outreach or a team who has completed a DTS. 

Individuals don't need to have completed a DTS.


We have a lot of challenges getting visas for non Europeans to stay for more than 3 months. So if you are planning to volunteer for short term as a group or individual, thats great and very simple. If you are planning to come for long term get ready to pray for a visa. The greek government is not really being very open for foreigners to come on a longterm visa but you can always try again and see if they are open or not.


Volunteer needs among the refugee population

We need people from all backgrounds, people who are ready and willing to come alongside the vision, bring fresh ideas, take initiative, and run with it. The opportunity of ministry with men is high and cultural barriers make it challenging for women to serve men. With a Middle Eastern context men are really crucial in reaching communities. We really need men willing to reach other men. There are opportunities to serve with teaching skills, therapy/counseling skills and really any practical training has the possibility to be used here. Good ol' evangelism is our primary ministry with refugees here. 


We see this field as an orchard where fruit is literally falling out of trees and rotting on the ground because we cannot harvest it fast enough but it is incredibly ripe. 

People are ready and hungry to hear about Jesus, the harvest is ripe but the workers truly few. 

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