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Volunteer at YWAM Athens

YWAM Athens is a group of individuals serving in local ministries who are passionate about serving the displaced through evangelism, (DMM),  and the coordination of short-term teams.

As God reveals His heart for the nations, we want to build a bridge where both East and West are discipled, reconciled, and brought into life-giving identity and intimacy with Jesus, equipped and mobilized to uniquely influence the nations with the Gospel and Kingdom of God.

Volunteer Profile:

Short-term, Longterm, single or married:

Individuals with DMM (at least one month),  Teams with DMM (minimum 3 weeks), Short term teams- minimum 3 weeks, Refugee Ministries - over 3 weeks preferably, Individuals - coming with a desire to serve long term (one week scout trip is fine.), Long-term individuals - at least 2 months

If someone is interested in coordinating teams (1 year minimum) 

Volunteer Requirements: 

DTS completed, all ages but 18-25 needed

Volunteer needs among the refugee population:

Background in coordinating teams/administrative skills, excellent English skills, enjoys being with people, have desire to do evangelism and discipleship, knowledge on the use of social media platforms  

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